Capture676I was molested by a handicapped guy when i was a kid. I didn’t know if I was gay or just really helpful. Its a line from my comedy act and it’s true. That’s the one reason I still consider myself a comedian trying to find some light in the darkest places.

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Laughspin_CubeLogo_Final-1Dylan P. Gadino from Laughspin – Comedian Andy Andrist was molested when he was a child. And on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3), Andrist will release a video showing his alleged abuser – Stephen P. Spleen of Port St. Lucie, Fl – admitting his actions.

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Register Guard Story


Bob Keefer from The Register-Guard – Here’s one version of the story you’re about to read: Eugene stand-up comic Andy Andrist heads for Florida last fall and does an videotaped ambush interview with the man who molested him three decades ago. The comic plans to put the resulting video online on Super Bowl Sunday.

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ltr5u5RRRWhen he’s not on the road, his free time is spent marathon running, streamlining vigilante justice, and enriching the lives of farm animals. He also comes from a long and triumphant line of Freemasons, who founded the fair city of Eugene, Oregon. Although he is 1/32 African American, he made the choice long ago to forgo racial material in his repertoire. This triple threat will soon be a licensed real estate salesman, in the hopes of parlaying his selling adventures into comedic gold. Favorite color is yellow.

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Down and Dirty

CaptureergeargAndy Andrist was flown to New York in May ’08 to perform on an HBO taping of Jim Norton’s “Down and Dirty Comedy”. They wound up cutting the his set. But here it is, in all its glory.

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The Unbookables


The Unbookables Movie is a full length film produced by Doug Stanhope and directed by Jeff Pearson. Doug coined the phrase Unbookable to define a group of comics that couldn’t get booked anywhere because they were too weird for the average audience. The idea was to follow the comics around with a seven man film crew on a three week tour of Texas, Kansas City and Illinois. The film stars Andy Andrist, James Inman, Sean Rouse, Brendon Walsh, Norm Wilkerson, Travis Lipski, Brett Erickson and Kristine Levine.

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Judge’s Ruling

fhjgdhmFORT PIERCE — A judge’s ruling Friday paves the way for two comedians to show their videotaped confrontation with a Port St. Lucie man one of the comics claims sexually molested him nearly 40 years ago. Circuit Judge Dan Vaughn dissolved a temporary injunction he had previously granted to Stephen P. Spleen of Port St. Lucie to keep Andrew J. “Andy” Andrist of Eugene, Ore., and Doug S. Stanhope of Bisbee, Ariz., both standup comedians, from playing a tape of the pair’s Nov. 4 interview with Spleen at a Port St. Lucie hotel.

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Dumb it Down

dumb_it_down_for_the_massesFrom Stand Up! Records – “Andy Andrist draws his remarkable comedic courage from the same place he extracts his unique world view: Straight out of another bottle of domestic light beer. His is a world overrun with overweight women, trailer parks, special athletes, Wal-Marts and death. Needless to say, Andy’s world is trashy, poignantly idiotic and friggin’ hilarious.

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