Laughspin_CubeLogo_Final-1Dylan P. Gadino from Laughspin – Comedian Andy Andrist was molested when he was a child. And on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3), Andrist will release a video showing his alleged abuser – Stephen P. Spleen of Port St. Lucie, Fl – admitting his actions.

Andrist and longtime friend, comedian Doug Stanhope, shot the video on Nov. 4 in a hotel in Spleen’s hometown. According to a partial transcript recited in a Fort Pierce, Fl courtroom on Jan. 4, Andrist confronts Spleen, saying, “You were a sexual predator to me…You used that to ruin a portion of my life.” Spleen responded, “Uh-huh.” Andrist eventually asks Spleen if he’s sorry and Spleen responds, “Yes.”

Spleen molested Andrist from June 1976 to 1981 when the comedian was between the ages of 11 and 13, the Eugene, Ore.-based comic claims. “He said Spleen massaged him several times, and each time Spleen touched Andrist’s penis,” according to a report on “Andrist also claims Spleen served him alcohol and showed him pornographic movies.”

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